Tennis Court Lighting


Tennis court lighting is very important for night play. There are a number of systems available designed specifically for sports complexes which allow the light to be focused on the playing area. This limits environmental impact by reducing glare, light spillage beyond the facility, and sky glow. Renner Sports Surfaces features Courtsider Sports Lighting by LSI Industries. The number and type of fixtures depends upon your specific needs.

Courtsider XL ®

The Courtsider XL, a sharp cutoff luminaire, is specifically designed to meet the unique needs of tennis court lighting. This luminaire’s Forward Throw reflector system projects light only onto the court area, avoiding glare. For aesthetic purposes, the Courtsider XL features a soft profile, complementing the design of today’s tennis facilities, and a choice of colors to blend easily into the tennis court environment.


Aerosystem ®

The Aerosystem is not just a light fixture. It has been designed from the ground up to create a new spin in tennis court lighting. It breaks new ground in aesthetics, construction and functionality, while presenting distinctive and progressive, low profile appearance. The die-cast construction of the Aerosystem fixture provides unparalleled durability, and is available in a selection of appealing finishes to complement the court environment.


Renner Sports Surfaces can also provide indoor tennis court lighting, either in an indoor tennis facility or for tennis courts enclosed within an air structure. Courtsider indoor sports lighting products offer high performance and are energy efficient.

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