New Running Track Construction

From Concept to Competition a team concept of construction with the contractor taking the project from conception to completion saving the owner time and money and providing one source responsibility

Turnkey: all materials and labor to provide a complete project

Renner Sports Surfaces has the experience and expertise to furnish you with a complete running track facility from the beginning stages of design to the final phase of synthetic surface installation and professional striping. Your completed facility will have the quality and appearance worthy of both school and community pride.

  • Specializing in design/build and turnkey projects
  • Certified Track Builder on staff
  • Knowledge of governing body rules
  • Expertise in site evaluation
  • Drainage systems
  • Complete infrastructure for synthetic turf fields, including drainage
  • and laser-graded base
  • Paving with asphalt or post-tensioned concrete
  • Surfacing with a full range of latex or polyurethane systems
  • Professional striping and custom markings
  • Accessories and equipment

Running Track Brochure (PDF)

Running Track Surfaces (PDF)

Consultation and Design

Planning and design for the site is of vital importance to the performance and functionality of the facility. A site inspection, soils investigation and a meeting with all interested parties will constitute the first step in this process to identify the needs of the owner and of the site. From this, a CAD-generated drawing of the facility will be prepared.

The soils investigation will recommend procedures to maximize the longevity of the asphalt paving. As asphalt is generally prone to cracking within a relatively short period of time, consideration may be given to a concrete substrate to maximize the lifecycle of the rubberized surface.

1. site work construction
Site work preparation to provide a stable base may include site clearing and earth work. For all types of synthetic turf fields, Renner Sports Surfaces can furnish the recommended drainage structure and laser-graded base.

2. drainage
The installation of a continuous interior collection channel provides all important drainage for running track and field, laser controlled dimension and elevation control, and serves as an interior curb.

3. curbing
Curbing provides a buffer between the running track and the surrounding area. It may be used on the outside perimeter of the track, the D-zone, or to edge asphalt event areas.

4. paving
The track oval normally consists of an aggregate base course and hot mix asphalt or post-tensioned concrete as specified by a soils engineer and applied to insure proper surface tolerance, slope, and grade.

5. event areas
Care should be taken to locate the event areas to provide effective meet management, ease of maintenance, and adequate spectator viewing. These events include shot and discus throwing, long jump and pole vault, high jump and steeplechase.

6. in-ground equipment
Equipment such as pole vault boxes, take-off boards, discus cages and removable curbs can be installed at the time of construction.

7. surfacing
A full line of latex and polyurethane-bound running track surfaces is available in a variety of colors and can be customized according to budget and athletic performance requirements.

8. professional striping
A CAD system diagram of all markings is produced from computer generated calculations. The markings and stripes are then expertly applied to conform to the requirements of the appropriate governing body.

9. custom graphics
Logos, custom colors, and lettering are available to individualize and distinguish your running track facility.

The construction or renovation of a running track requires consideration of the many elements that comprise the entire track and field facility.


  • Size and elevation of available site
  • Number, size, and location of event areas
  • Type of soils
  • Safety zone
  • Subsurface site conditions
  • Type of synthetic surface
  • Sports to be played on the field
  • Finish line location
  • Level of competition to be run on the track
  • Number of lanes
  • Drainage
  • Lighting, bleachers, fencing
  • Raised or flush curb
  • Maintenance

Renner Sports Surfaces uses only the highest quality materials and has the personnel and expertise to evaluate the site and work with the owner. This insures that the project will produce a facility that provides performance for the athlete, value for the owner and longevity with ease of maintenance.

Running Track Brochure (PDF)

Running Track Surfaces (PDF)

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